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Our Products are  developed based on experience of Aska Company’s manufacturing site.
MyCiS ~Camera Information System~ feeds back results of image inspection to the production process and improves productivity.Most of case, image inspection is used only for screening defective products.
However, we have realized the fact that big data of inspection was accumulated in the camera.MyCiS performs statistical analysis of the data.
And, the occurrence of defective products can be depicted graphically every 5 minutes.
Since the graph is displayed in chronological order and for each defect item, you can intuitively grasp the situation.You can also check the number of defective products generated and the incidence rate.
Trend management and preventive maintenance will be possible.Also, all data is saved and can be exported as a CSV file.Even if defective products are handed over to the client accidentally, you can check the state at the time of production by checking the saved data.Thus you will be trusted by your client.
Moreover, by connecting to the in-house system, you can check the factory production status from anywhere in the world using a personal computer or tablet.The administrator will be easier to manage the factory.Factory workers will take responsible actions as their work performance is evaluated by others.MyCiS can collect data regardless of camera maker.

We are confident that MyCiS will help you to improve your company’s productivity and reliability.

MyCFM ~Clamping Force Monitor~ is a system for monitoring the clamping force of a injection molding machine, which can be used on any machine regardless of  machine maker or model.First, make sure that the molding machine is operating properly by visualizing the clamping force.
Next, using the data analysis function of MyCFM, we can expect to detect abnormalities at an early stage by clarifying the characteristics of machines that humans do not notice .
We have MyCFM case studies, so if you are interested in MyCFM, please contact us from the contact form.
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